Browse With Trust (BWT)

Browse With Trust (BWT) is a secure browser that provides safe internet browsing:

The secure browser allows browsing the web without the threat of malware attacking your PC. Any malware from a contaminated web site will be confined within the secure browser and will not be able to infect your PC. Also, the secure browser is unable to access any of the files on your PC (with the exception of the BWT Secure Compartment) so that a malicious web site is not able to read your sensitive documents.

BWT also provides a Secure Compartment that can be used to download/upload files from/to the Internet. Any file that is downloaded from the BWT Secure Browser is automatically stored in the BWT Secure Compartment. Any file located in the Secure Compartment that is accessed by your PC's applications will be guarded by BWT so that they are not able to infect your PC.

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