A File in the Secure Compartment Will Not Open

Most applications (such as Microsoft Office applications, Notepad, Acrobat Reader) can be opened directly from the Secure Comapartment in Guarded mode but in some cases it is not possible. For example, when a downloaded JPG file is opened it will attempt to open the Windows Photo Viewer and the following is displayed:

In this case there are two options, you can either export the file to a location outside the Secure Compartment or you can choose another default program for this file type. For instance choosing Microsoft Paint as the default program for opening JPG files enables these files to be opened directly from the Secure Compartment.

To choose a different default program, use File Explorer to navigate to another file of that type. Select the file and right-click. Choose "Open with->Choose default program...:"

Next choose the default program and click on OK: