Secure Compartment

Any files that are downloaded from the Secure Browser are saved in the Secure Compartment. The Secure Compartment is accessed from the Windows Desktop by right-clicking on the tray icon and selecting Secure Compartment:"

The Secure Compartment will be displayed:

Because the files contained within the Secure Compartment originate from the Internet, and aren't necessarily trustworthy, they can only be opened by applications running in Guarded mode. When running in Guarded mode, the applications cannot harm your system even if the file being opened contains malware.

Most files can be opened from the Secure Compartment simply by selecting the file and double-clicking on the file. This will launch the associated application (in this case Acrobat Reader) in Guarded mode:

Most applications (such as Microsoft Office applications, Notepad, Acrobat Reader) can be launched directly from the Secure Compartment in Guarded mode but in some cases it is not possible (refer to the section on opening other applications.

The secure compartment interface also provides controls for managing the Secure Compartment:

Move the selected file(s) to a folder outside of the Secure Compartment.
Copy the selected file(s) to a folder outside of the Secure Compartment.
Import files from another folder on the PC into the Secure Compartment.

Files can be deleted from the Secure Compartment by selecting the file and pressing the delete key or right-clicking on the file and selecting “Delete:”

If a file isn't visible in the Secure Compartment after downloading from the Secure Browser, select “View->Refresh” from the menu:

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