Secure Browser

To open the Secure Browser, either double-click on the BWT desktop shortcut or on the BWT tray icon.

This will start the BWT Virtual Machine (VM). While the VM is booting up, the following screen will appear:

After the BWT VM is finished booting (this may take 20 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your PC's specifications), the BWT VM desktop containing the Secure Browser will be displayed:

Double-click on the Secure Browser icon to start:

The Secure Browser works like most other browsers with the exception that it is not able to access your Windows OS and any information residing on your PC outside of the BWT Secure Compartment. This prevents malicious web sites from infecting your PC or from reading your documents.

Files can be downloaded using the Secure Browser. They will automatically be saved to the BWT Secure Compartment where their access is restricted.

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